August 30, 2023

Long-Term Funding, Update #4

In my previous Long-Term Funding update I said I would review/overhaul the "ecosystem" and "tutorials" sections.

On a personal note...

I ended the previous update with a personal note but I'm going to start this update with one. It's been a very difficult couple of months. My mother passed away in early July (on my birthday!) and much of the month involved a lot of back and forth with the funeral home in England and family around the world. My wife & I attended the service via Zoom at the end of July and then it took some additional time to get the service booklet and recording distributed to family and friends.

Then in early August, both my wife and I got COVID-19 -- after three and a half years of avoiding it, and having all our shots and boosters. My wife tested positive soon after symptoms started and got paxlovid. I had all the same symptoms too, but kept testing negative until I was outside the window for paxlovid -- and then started testing positive. It took about two weeks for us both to test negative reliably. We're both still recovering from the fatigue and brain fog but every day is an improvement. Wear your masks, folks, and get all your shots and boosters!

Consequently, I didn't get as much done as I'd hoped in the past two months.

I incorporated feedback from the community on the cookbook. Many thanks, in particular, to @phronmophobic who provided extensive feedback and Pull Requests!

I reviewed the "ecosystem" and "tutorials" sections but only so far as to remove outdated content. I reviewed and updated the main Content page to reflect the current state of the site, reordering sections and removing outdated content.

Feedback from the community suggested that I should review sections in a different order to my initial plan, so I turned my attention to the "language" section and updated the following pages from Clojure 1.5 to Clojure 1.11:

In some cases that just meant double-checking the code examples still worked as shown, but in other cases it meant updating the examples to use newer functions, adding new examples showing alternative approaches that are now possible, or changing the error messages shown to match the current behavior (since Clojure 1.10 did a lot to improve error messages).

I still need to make additional passes over several of these pages to address the remaining "TBD" items (mostly adding more examples).


Several complicated changes were made to HoneySQL this period, leading to the 2.4.1066 release, which included the first pass at supporting temporal queries, and reworking how :insert-into, :columns, and :values work together which should make it easier to avoid generating invalid SQL as well as making it easier to extend HoneySQL to support additional features around INSERT statements.


The Polylith project (and documentation) was still using my old (archived) build-clj wrapper so I worked on a Pull Request to switch everything to plain usage as a better example for the community. That has been merged in and updated documentation will be released soon (on instead of GitBook!).


This project also still used build-clj so I updated all the project templates to use directly and released version 1.2.404 so that, going forward, newly-generated projects will be better examples for the community. deps-new had previously been updated to generate projects using directly.


Information about CLJ Commons governance was spread across the clj-commons website and the meta repository's README and other pages. Based on some community feedback in June, I wanted to consolidate that information and bring it up to date.

As I started on that, I realized that the clj-commons project list was very outdated so I decided to regenerate it (there's a Clojure script for this). That uncovered a number of projects that were missing either the ORIGINATOR file in the root of the repo (how clj-commons identifies the original author of a project) or the .github/CODEOWNERS file that lists the current active maintainers.

I went through every clj-commons repo and added the missing files, updated the projects.clj script to support # comments in CODEOWNERS, and regenerated the projects.html page.

Finally, I consolidated and updated the information about how CLJ Commons accepts and maintains projects, and updated the README in the meta repo to reflect that this information is all on the main website now:

What's Next?

In September/October, I'm hoping to complete a review and update of the "tutorials" and "ecosystem" sections of, and then in the remaining period, I'll tackle the "cookbooks" section and make another pass of "TBD" items in the "language" section.

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