October 28, 2023

Long-Term Funding, Update #5

In my previous Long-Term Funding update I said I would review/overhaul the "ecosystem" and "tutorials" sections (once I'd finished the "language" section).


I finished reviewing and updating the last three language sections to Clojure 1.11 (Concurrency and Parallelism, Macros, and Laziness), and I added a new section about transducers to the Collections and Sequences section. In the next period, I'll revisit the "TBD" items in the language section to see what I can do to address them.

I rewrote the Generating Documentation section (ecosystem) to focus on cljdoc.org and removed the outdated content.

The Web Development section (ecosystem) also got a major rewrite, adding a lot of new content, removing outdated content, and incorporating a lot of community feedback on a draft version (thank you!).

Finally, I added a new section to the tools.build Cookbook about template pom.xml file and the :pom-data approach (new in tools.build 0.9.6).

tools.build and deps-new

Following on from the tools.build Cookbook update, I updated deps-new to use that new release of tools.build and updated all the project templates to use :pom-data for generating pom.xml files. See the v0.5.3 release

I need to do the same for clj-new at some point -- perhaps in the next period!


HoneySQL also saw a lot of work with two releases that mostly focused on improving BigQuery support (array subquery, select as struct, create or replace, ignore/respect nulls, and new :distinct and :expr clauses to facilitate certain non-standard queries), and introducing basic support for NRQL (New Relic Query Language) as a new dialect.

NRQL has non-standard quoting rules, non-standard entity names, and inlines all expression values, since it is mostly used directly within the New Relic web UI or via their CLI, neither of which support parameterized queries. New clauses and helpers have been added for :compare-with, :since, :timeseries, until, and :facet.

In addition, an important bug in the helper merge functions was fixed that affected anyone using the quoted-symbol style of DSL (instead of the keyword style).

See HoneySQL releases for more details of these two new versions.


Expectations also saw two new releases this period. The first release focused on improving the way test failures are reported to be more consistent and informative. The second release was a minor one to improve clj-kondo support for more-of.

See Expectations releases for more details on these two new versions.


Finally, next.jdbc 1.3.894 provides variants of with-transaction and on-connection that will rewrap an options-wrapped connectable. This was a long-requested feature that I had struggled with finding an elegant solution for. In addition, I updated most of the JDBC drivers that next.jdbc is tested against, to flush out any issues with those newer versions. Notably, SQLite no longer supports :return-generated-keys true but you can specify RETURNING * in your SQL instead.

What's Next?

In November/December, I'm hoping to complete a review and update of the "cookbooks" section and make another pass of "TBD" items in the "language" section.

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