June 29, 2023

Long-Term Funding, Update #3

In my previous Long-Term Funding update I said I would review/overhaul the Libraries pages (both authoring and the directory) and write the tools.build cookbook.

The library authoring guide has been rewritten to use the Clojure CLI, deps-new, and deps-deploy and was well-received by the community, who provided some useful feedback that I have also incorporated into the guide.

The information from the library directory has been integrated into The Clojure Toolbox via a couple of Pull Requests that added optional tool-tip descriptions and libraries that were on clojure-doc but missing from the Toolbox. Thanks to James Reeves for accepting those PRs!

What else did I get done?

ClojureCLR, HoneySQL

There's been quite a bit of activity around ClojureCLR recently, so I've been testing .NET-related things on Windows and on Ubuntu. David Miller submitted a patch to tools.cli to add CLR support which I released as tools.cli v1.0.219 and I updated HoneySQL to add CLR support: honeysql v2.4.1033. tools.nrepl has been ported to ClojureCLR and Peter Strömberg (maintainer of Calva) has created a ClojureCLR starter project for VS Code/Calva which I've also been helping to test on Windows and Ubuntu.

HoneySQL saw another release, mostly improving documentation and docstrings, near the end of the this period: v2.4.1045. Both releases improved the experience with :on-conflict clauses.


next.jdbc v1.3.883 was also released in this period, also mostly improving documentation and docstrings, and adding an active-tx? predicate to expose whether next.jdbc thinks you are currently in a with-transaction context.


All of the content from the library directory has been incorporated into The Clojure Toolbox at this point. Every library that was previously listed on clojure-doc.org is now listed on the Toolbox and all of the one-line descriptions have been added to the Toolbox as well (which now show up as tooltips when you hover over the library name/link). The Toolbox still has a lot of libraries listed without descriptions so, hopefully, that's something the community can add over time (or help James with automating, using project descriptions from GitHub, perhaps?).

The library authoring guide has been substantially rewritten to use the Clojure CLI, deps.edn, and build.clj. The old Leiningen-based library authoring guide has been lightly updated and is still available, linked from the new guide.

In addition to the library work mentioned above, I've been working on the tools.build cookbook. I shared an early draft to get community feedback and then shared the completed version this week. The whole thing is over 3,000 words now, with a lot of code examples. I've tried to distill everything I've learned about tools.build into a single document that covers various scenarios that go beyond what is in the official tools.build guide.

Some additional community feedback has already been incorporated and more will be incorporated over the next few weeks, I expect.

What's Next?

In July/August, I'm hoping to complete a review and update of both the "ecosystem" and "tutorials" section of clojure-doc.org, and then in the two remaining periods, I'll tackle the "cookbooks" and "language" sections.

On a personal note...

I mentioned in the previous update that my mother was in hospital and I want to thank everyone who reached out to me with kind words and support. She came home and was doing well for a while but then she had another fall and she's back in hospital as I write this, this time with severe anemia on top of her other issues. She's had a blood transfusion and seems to be doing better but we don't know when she'll be home. It's times like these when I really do feel the five and a half thousand miles between us...

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