October 30, 2022

Social Media Revisited

About a year ago I posted that I had deleted both my Twitter and Facebook accounts.

In March, my wife & I visited friends and family in England (for the first time in three years) as my mother had been diagnosed with AAA (abdominal aortic aneurysm) and it had grown substantially -- the doctor has given her "months" to live, although she's already lasted longer than that!

One of the frustrations of that trip was that we ended up having to use my wife's Facebook account to organize all the get togethers with my friends and family because, well, I'd deleted my Facebook account!

So, shortly after we got back, I bit the bullet and recreated both my Facebook account and, grudgingly, my Twitter account as well. I was able to use the same usernames on both and start fresh. I've kept both accounts very "slim" in terms of followers and my experience has generally been much better than it was, through a judicious combination of not having the apps on my phone's home screen and not having either site in my favorites or the "quick links" in my browser.

But they're still both "junk" really and at this point I view Facebook as an unpleasant necessity for keeping in touch with friends and family around the world. I do not view Twitter as a necessity of any stripe, however, and with the recent acquisition by the world's richest idiot, I decided it was time to find a better "home" for interacting with people.

So I've been part of the #TwitterMigration and I've moved to Mastodon, like 80,000 other people did yesterday!

I've added a link to the site navigation here and my Twitter profile (and I've changed my display name on Twitter to my Mastodon handle).

From now on, you can find me at @seancorfield@tech.lgbt. Come on in, the #fediverse is a welcoming, fun, and interesting place to find friends and chat.

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