November 14, 2021

The new clojure-doc web site

Back when I was working on the Contrib library, I moved its documentation to so that the community could contribute to it, without the CLA that covers contributions to Contrib itself. Over time I became a general contributor to clojuredocs/guides which was the repository behind the web site.

Unfortunately, about three years ago, the infrastructure that runs became inaccessible to the maintainers of the site so, although pull requests continued to be accepted, the site itself could no longer be updated. I talked with Michael Klishin, the original creator of the site, about moving it to GitHub pages but we never quite got around to it. Until today. is the new version of the site, hosted as GitHub pages, under a new organization (to match the domain). It has been converted from Jekyll to Cryogen so it is "powered by Clojure" now. The look'n'feel could do with some love and there may still be some broken links in there -- contributors welcome! -- and there is definitely some stale content that could do with updating.

Many people have contributed to over the years and I hope they and many more will do so for this new version of the site!

Tags: clojure