August 2, 2021

With the recent release of, I wanted to provide a quick example of using it for a CI-like pipeline. is focused on "building" things and when the subject has come up on Slack, the feedback has been that the CLI already has a good story for running tests etc, and the consensus seems to be that running multiple CLI commands is the intended usage.

That consensus has never stopped me from wanting something more integrated. I'd like to be able to run a single CLI command that runs tests and if they pass then create a JAR file, ready to deploy -- as a minimum CI-like pipeline. provides create-basis, java-command, and process functions so that you can fairly easily run arbitrary java commands in a subprocess. That makes it fairly easy to run your tests from a build.clj script:

(defn run-tests
  (let [basis    (b/create-basis {:aliases [:test]})
        combined (t/combine-aliases basis [:test])
        cmds     (b/java-command {:basis     basis
                                  :java-opts (:jvm-opts combined)
                                  :main      'clojure.main
                                  :main-args ["-m" "cognitect.test-runner"]})
        {:keys [exit]} (b/process cmds)]
    (when-not (zero? exit)
      (throw (ex-info "Tests failed" {})))))

As a concrete example of this, I've added a build.clj script to next.jdbc so that I can run:

clojure -T:build ci

and have it run tests and, if they pass, go ahead and create the pom.xml and build the JAR file for the project based on MAJOR.MINOR.COMMITS for the version.

Deploying to Clojars is then a single CLI command:

clojure -X:deploy :artifact target/next<TAB>

this will autocomplete to target/next.jdbc-1.2.nnn.jar where nnn is the number of commits. A more confident workflow would be to run deps-deploy via create-basis, java-command, and process to automatically deploy the JAR to Clojars as part of the ci process.

Update: As of August 12th, HoneySQL also has build.clj and the ci function there runs the readme tests, Eastwood, ClojureScript tests, and multi-version Clojure testing, before building the JAR file!

Tags: clojure jdbc