December 31, 2019

Happy New Releases!

Wrapping Up 2019

It's been a while since I blogged about the projects I maintain so I figured New Year's Eve 2019 was a good time to provide an update!

expectations/clojure-test 1.2.1

Mocking in side-effects, optional message argument in expect (like is), between predicate, official support for Clojure 1.8 onward, lots of documentation improvements!

See the change log for more details.

jkk/honeysql 0.9.8

Lots of bug fixes, some enhancements (composite, truncate), and some documentation enhancements.

See the change log for more details.

org.clojure/core.cache 0.8.2

Add clojure.core.cache.wrapped to make using the library easier!

See the change log for more details.

org.clojure/core.memoize 0.8.2

Bug fixes and a new memoizer function that makes it easier to define custom function caches.

See the change log for more details.

org.clojure/ 0.1.5

Yup, I took over maintenance of this in October!

set-properties to set arbitrary properties post-construction, constructor argument support, numerous bug fixes and reflection warnings addressed.

See the change log for more details.

org.clojure/java.jdbc 0.7.11

This library is officially "stable" and no longer being actively maintained beyond critical bug fixes -- please consider migrating to seancorfield/next.jdbc (see below).

That said, this got the same transaction rollback exception edge case fix and Turkish locale fix that next.jdbc already had.

See the change log for more details.

seancorfield/clj-new 0.8.2

AOT compilation in app uberjar, pom.xml generation, :uberjar in app and :jar in lib and template projects, -? / --query option to explain what clj-new will attempt to do, -e / --env option to define "environment" variables that set substitution values in project templates, dependency updates, documentation improvements.

See the change log for more details.

seancorfield/depstar 0.4.2

Support for Multi-Release JARs, AOT compilation for uberjars (with pom.xml), JDK 11 support, better handling of unknown file types.

See the change log for more details.

seancorfield/next.jdbc 1.0.13

next.jdbc.prepare/statement and support for java.sql.Statement, arbitrary Connection and Statement property support, fix transaction rollback exception edge case (thank you Jepsen!), expose SQL builders, now tested against MS SQL Server and MySQL (formally), provide additional date/time/timestamp conversion support, CLOB support, :jdbcUrl support, HugSQL quick start guide, result set builder adapters, expanded Tips & Tricks, lots of documentation enhancements!

See the change log for more details.


If you are getting started with the Clojure CLI and deps.edn then you might want to check out my .clojure/deps.edn file which contains a lot of useful aliases and hints & tips to get you up and running with a powerful set of composable tools: create new projects, start various types of REPLs, run tests -- against multiple versions of Clojure, build JARs and uberjars, benchmark your code, check for outdated dependencies, and more!

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