October 25, 2018

Excited About Clojure/conj

It has been a crazy busy year, both at work and personally, and it's hard for me to believe my last blog post was in April!

Clojure/conj is coming up fast and the schedule was posted today, which has made me even more excited about it. Here's a run down of the sessions I plan to attend -- I'll write up my thoughts on everything shortly after the conference.

  • Welcome Event -- I'm hoping my flight is on time and Lyft can get me there in time to chill and network with all the interesting Clojurians!
  • Stuart Halloway -- In his recent Apropos podcast, he hinted that this talk would be about new tooling he has been using. Maybe prepl-related?
  • Christopher Small -- Clojure on the cyberpunk frontier of democracy -- This sounds fascinating.
  • Chris Johnson Bidler -- Serverless-ish: Zero to App with Datomic Cloud and GraphQL.
  • Ghadi Shayban -- Java Made (Somewhat) Simple -- Although Ghadi told me this might be a beginner/intermediate-level talk, he's a great speaker and I look forward to hearing his insights about the platform.
  • Boris Kourtoukov -- Machines that Judge Us.
  • Tiago Luchini -- Declarative Domain Modeling for Datomic Ion/Cloud.
  • Lily Goh + Dom Kiva-Meyer -- Robust APIs with clojure.spec & GraphQL -- I'm a huge advocate of spec and we're also using GraphQL at work so this should be very applicable.
  • Rich Hickey -- Maybe Not -- Rich is always worth the price of entry!
  • Unsessions -- Looking forward to seeing the schedule for these. Past years' unsessions have included some real diamonds!
  • David Chelimsky -- AWS, meet Clojure.
  • Ben Kamphaus -- AI Systems: Foundations for Artificial Minds or Aaron Cummings -- Making Memories: Clojure For Hardware Engineers (And Others). I'm undecided but leaning toward the AI talk.
  • Elena Machkasova -- Babel: middleware for beginner-friendly error messages -- Anything that helps with Clojure's error messages (much improved in Clojure 1.10!) is always worth learning about!
  • Wilker Lucio da Silva -- Scaling Full-Stack Applications Over Hundreds of Microservices or Daniel Gregoire -- Tables Considered Helpful. Undecided again but leaning toward the table talk.
  • Nikolas Göbel -- Reactive Datalog for Datomic or Tyler Hobbs -- Code goes in, Art comes out. Undecided but leaning toward the Datalog talk (because I'm not hugely interested in art/computing).
  • Gary Fredericks -- What Are All These Class Files Even About? And Other Stories -- Having been repeatedly bitten by AOT, I'm looking forward to this!
  • Tomomi Livingstone + Hans Livingstone -- Party REPL — A multi-player REPL built for pair-programming -- This looks very, very interesting!
  • Rebecca Parsons -- Closing day two keynote.
  • (Party!)
  • Carin Meier -- Can you GAN? -- No idea about the topic but Carin is always an engaging speaker.
  • Dave Fetterman -- Learning and Teaching Clojure on the job at Amperity -- Because coming up to speed (and bringing others up to speed) is important.
  • Vikash Mansinghka -- Probabilistic programming and meta-programming in Clojure -- WAT?
  • Alex Engelberg and Derek Slager -- Every Clojure Talk Ever -- Cryptically enticing...
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