Just got back from London after getting my latest hole: a reverse PA.

Like almost all my other piercings, this was done at Into You by Mark. The prelim chat confirmed that this would be painful and bleed a fair bit. Oh great! I wondered if we'd need to take my existing PA out to do the pierce but Mark said no.

Well, this one hurt and was way more painful than anything else so far. Even fitting the receiving tube was really uncomfortable (due to the 10ga ring in the PA?). Mark used a needle smaller than 10ga to ensure the ring in the reverse PA (10ga) would be a tight fit - this would reduce the bleeding he said. Although Mark was his usual quick, efficient self, this seemed to take ages and I squealed in pain... then came the jewellery and more discomfort. Ow!!!

By now I was sweating like crazy and very, very pale. Pins and needles in my arms... but I wasn't quite on the verge of blacking out. Mark gave me a couple of glucose tablets to chew and two cups of water to drink and I just relaxed for a while. Mark sprayed me with lidocaine (or xylocaine, can't remember) and then bandaged me up with some tissues and a glove.

Special thanx to my friends Rachel (for hand-holding services) and Jon (for the pictures). The page is a very rough draft just so the curious can see it and those of sensitive disposition can suffer.

I'll probably post again in a few days when I've cleaned up the page and to give a progress report (like, has it stopped bleeding yet!).