This was my second year at Dunstable. Last year I went on Sunday - the open day - which was fairly lively. I felt rather out of place with only a couple of piercings and no tats. This year I returned, on competition day, well-poked and slightly inked and had... well, quite a good day. Without the good company of some fellow r.a.b.bits, it would've been a dull day indeed. Next year will see a return to open day I think!

The following images caught my eye during the day:
I'm not sure who the guy on the left is but he had some beautiful designs covering much of his body and enough piercings to sink a battleship. The arm on the right belongs to the winner of the ladies' celtic / tribal category and the blurry photograph doesn't do it justice at all!

My companions for most of the day were Joe Tye (can't wait to see your chest piece complete!), Lucy Rother (Girls Rule!), Jewels (Iban fanatic) and Wereric (who can't find the tattoo he wants).

Next year, let's try and see a few more r.a..b.bits there, OK?

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