2006 in Retrospect

Continuing my tradition from 2004 and 2005, here is my annual retrospective covering 2006. It was a strange year for me. My role at Adobe changed dramatically and my primary ColdFusion focus was on Fusebox outside of my day job - the year started and ended with Fusebox. My day job let me focus on ColdSpring and learn about the Reactor and Transfer ORMs but with a fairly narrow focus, to support our web services. The first half of the year was full of speaking engagements - including the inaugural cf.Objective() conference, the second half was full of deadlines and product launches. The Flex 2 product line was released and with it a new update to ColdFusion MX 7 that brought tight integration with Flex.

Here's my month-by-month rundown of the year from this architect's point of view:

Last year I predicted that ColdFusion (and its community) would continue to grow and go from strength to strength with more frameworks appearing and that ColdSpring would become far more popular, perhaps even mainstream. I also said we should look forward to cf.Objective() (it was awesome!), CFUNITED 2006 (it was huge!) and Adobe's MAX (which was, by all reports, very impressive). I also hoped for another TeraTech Frameworks conference - it's coming up in February 2007 but, like the previous Frameworks conference, I can't make it, alas!.

I think ColdFusion and its community has definitely continued to grow - the release of Flex and ColdFusion MX 7.0.2 has opened up a whole new area for developers to extend their reach and their skills. We also got a great new ColdFusion publication: Fusion Authority Quarterly Update. We got at least one new framework (ColdBox by Luis Majano) and major new releases of Model-Glue (2.0 beta 1 a.k.a. Unity) and Fusebox (5.0 with a beta of 5.1 appearing at the end of the year). ColdSpring has definitely become much more popular, with numerous talks at user groups and conferences as well as increased coverage on blogs. Model-Glue 2.0 relies heavily on ColdSpring, Mach II has improved integration with ColdSpring this year and Fusebox 5.1 provides a custom lexicon to make it easy to use ColdSpring. That may or may not be mainstream to you but it seems pretty close to me!

So what will 2007 bring? Apollo, Scorpio. What more could you want?

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