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cf.Objective() - Day One Recap

May 4, 2007 ·

Keynote - Jason - History of CF, themes for Scorpio, a little bit of each theme. New disclosures: RSS support (<cffeed>), <cfthread>. More to come in sessions over the weekend. Skipped the next session - spent time with Mark Drew going over Project: Unity, helping him configure support for Transfer ORM. David Keith - - history of the site, infrastructure, architecture. Good explanation of what has worked well (service-based approach) and what needs to be re-architected (monolithic application deployment). Me - Scorpio/AJAX - the talk seemed to be well-received. Lots of people seemed very excited by just how gosh darn simple Scorpio will make AJAX. I can't post the slides (sorry) so you'll have to watch other people's blogs for reports of what I covered. Mark Mandel - Advanced Transfer ORM - Covered caching and soft references, observers and the event model, decorators. Transfer really is an impressive piece of software! Mark Drew - CFEclipse - Started with a lot of introductory material but ramped up. Interesting how so many things are based around the concept of snippets. Introduced Project: Unity - a new plugin that analyses, displays and lets you edit the XML configuration files for any framework. Yes, any framework! How? Mark has built a completely generic, XML-driven parsing engine with several standard "actions". You can now configure CFEcllipse (via this plugin) to discover and render any XML file and provide a context-sensitive editor for it. Extremely impressive! An "alpha" build should be available shortly... Had dinner with Sami Hoda and his colleagues, along with various Mach II folks. Lots of good discussions about architecture and software design over a fabulous meal (although I had to send the steak back - overcooked!). La Fougasse is amazing (the French / Spanish restaurant at the Sofitel). Now I'm working on my Real World SOA presentation (again) and struggling with the increasingly serious head cold I seem to have developed in the last couple of days.

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2 responses

  • 1 Chris Phillips // May 5, 2007 at 12:08 PM

    Hope this isn't too forward...
    You can read about Sean's Scorpio/AJAX talk here:
  • 2 Rachel Maxim // May 5, 2007 at 12:54 PM

    Sean, however you were feeling, the SOA talk was excellent. It was a very informative explanation of what an SOA really is (since it so often seems like a mythical creature that lives deep in the corporate IT dept!) important considerations, and avoiding pitfalls. This talk will probably save many people from failed SOA projects. Great job!