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Kicking off MAX Europe

October 15, 2007 ·

I'm in the Flex Best Practices panel right now (Joe Berkowitz, Steven Webster, Sascha Wolter, Dirk Eismann). MAX Europe has a much more intimate and relaxed feel than MAX North America. The CCIB conference center is right on the beach. This part of Barcelona seems very new and constantly expanding with lots of construction - and lots of parks in amongst the new buildings. Yesterday, my wife & I went to see La Sagrada Familia temple. It's a big tourist attraction these days (it wasn't when my wife last visited Barcelona) and you can't really explore the building now. There are long waits for the elevators, there is a lot of scaffolding inside, you get to go through the building in one direction and that's all. The old side of the temple is beautiful (the nativity facade) but the new side is ugly with cubist sculpture. I'm glad I've seen it but I was a bit disappointed to be honest. Today and tomorrow, I'm mostly focused on AIR sessions. There's a ColdFusion BOF tonight that should be very interesting. I'm wondering whether the general sessions and/or sneak peeks will bring something new that we didn't see in Chicago. Wifi access seems good so I may well be blogging live from sessions.

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