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CFUNITED 2007 - Overview

July 1, 2007 ·

Now I'm on my way home from CFUNITED, I feel I have some space and time to write up my thoughts about this year's conference. I'm going to post one entry for each day of the conference which is a fairly arbitrary division of the material but it's fairly managable. Overall, the conference was excellent and exhausting in roughly equal measure. Four days of intense sessions and interaction with other developers combined with less than five hours sleep each night takes its toll, especially on an old man like me! TeraTech have gotten this conference down to a science now and it runs very, very smoothly. The food was much better this year and the seating arrangements also seemed better. Wifi coverage and bandwidth was significantly better than last year (but not without problems). The only thing that seemed worse this year was the A/V equipment which completely sunk a couple of presentations, leaving speakers without projection altogether for at least part of their talk or some screens cropping a substantial border off the display, causing no end of frustrations. Fortunately, most of the speakers are troopers and are able to carry on in the face of adversity. The content, as always, covers a broad spectrum and is appropriate for the audience. It seemed that many, many people were first timers at the conference and there were also clearly a lot of novice-to-intermediate level developers there (based on the questions being asked in several sessions). The networking opportunities are superb, of course, when you have 900 developers in one place for a few days - and evenings!

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  • 1 Ben Nadel // Jul 2, 2007 at 3:18 AM

    Sean, it was very nice to meet you for the first time. I was one of the many First Timers :) I rather enjoyed your session on AJAX in CF8. Overall I had a blast.