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CFUNITED 2007 - Day One

July 1, 2007 ·

I've already blogged the ColdFusion part of the Adobe keynote but I wanted to provide a quick summary of the rest of the keynote and the other sessions I attended on Wednesday. Tim Buntel and Ben Forta handed over the stage to Matt Chotin who talked about the success of Flex 2, the roadmap for Flex 3, moving to open source and a little bit about AIR. He commented that Ben had prepared his slide deck for him and, sure enough, there were some amusing Scorpio cameos in Matt's presentation! After the keynote, I attended Matt Chotin's "Flex 101" which, unfortunately, was plagued by technical problems and ended up being a very, very basic introduction to Flex. Next was Chris Scott presenting ColdSpring as a robust way to manage your services behind a Flex front-end. This was the same talk he gave at cf.Objective(), focusing on tiered application architecture. It's a good talk and I got a little more out of it now that I've actually started to build applications with Flex. The best talk of the day was next: Andrew Powell talking about integrating Spry with ColdFusion. I haven't really looked at Spry so I learned a lot from this talk. In particular, I didn't know that Spry supported JSON as well as XML which is important now that CF8 provides native JSON data formatting. I took a lot of notes, mostly code fragments and technical tips, that I won't reproduce here. Definitely check out his presentation when it is published on the CFUNITED site! Worth mentioning is Service Capture which is an awesome tool for debugging Flash Remoting and AJAX applications ($35). Andrew Trice was next, covering Object-Oriented Flex development. He's obviously a smart guy but his presentation was a bit fragmented and jumped around between topics, making it hard to follow the points he was trying to make at times. Mostly it was basic OO 101 stuff but I picked up a couple of Flex concepts which hadn't sunk in before so it was helpful. The final session of the day was Steve Rittler, showcasing Flex integration with I'd missed this at cf.Objective() so I was glad it was repeated at CFUNITED. He explained how expose their "Application Exchange" platform in different ways and showed the Flex SDK that they offer which provides a simple interface to work with their hosted CRM application. Steve walked us through a simple application, from start to finish, including setting up the initial Flex project. He noted that's API is pretty basic and has a number of limitations which makes building applications a challenge. It was an interesting real-world session - something I'd like to see more of at conferences.

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