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An Architect's View relaunched for Club Industry 2007

October 11, 2007 ·

In addition to speaking at MAX and MAX Europe, I've been busy working on my startup's website,, preparing it for a major relaunch for the Club Industry 2007 fitness conference this week in Chicago. For those who've looked around the site before, you'll see we've shifted focused to gyms to health clubs and networks based around those - and we've had a very positive reaction from folks at Club Industry 2007! We're out of "alpha" now so you can self-register for an account. We are, however, still on a CFMX7 shared server so performance is not all it could be (I'm planning to push a raft of performance improvements to the site in the next day or so). We'll be moving to a ColdFusion 8 VPS in about a month which will be a big improvement. Scazu - Making Fitness Social!

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