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Review: OOP in ColdFusion

December 13, 2010 ·

Object-Oriented Programming in ColdFusion by Matt Gifford
Packt Publishing 167pp $39.99

This book is a much-needed gentle introduction to ColdFusion Components and Object-Oriented Programming. The book assumes no background in CFCs or OOP so it starts by introducing the tag and script syntax forms of CFCs and, as the book unfolds, basic Object-Oriented techniques and patterns are introduced gradually with extensive code samples. The book doesn't go very deep - it's only 167 pages, after all - but it covers domain objects, data access and data gateway and service layers; it covers access control, inheritance, polymorphism and object relationships (composition, aggregation etc).

I have no complaints about Matt Gifford's grasp of the technical issues nor his ability to teach the topic - he's great! Packt's editors need to be called out for a number of very strange phrases in the text and a lot of inconsistencies in the language through the book, as well as inconsistent typography in examples (esp. capitalization). Having spoken to Matt at Adobe MAX, I know that these inconsistencies lie at Packt's door not his - and I've seen similar issues in other Packt books (John Farrar's two ColdFusion Tutorial books, for example). That said, it doesn't detract a great amount from the overall good points of the book (it's just a bit annoying).

If you're totally new to CFCs, this is a great book for you. If you're using CFCs already but find a lot of the terminology confusing, this is a great book for you as well. If you think you're doing OOP but haven't gotten your head fully around beans and DAOs and gateways and services, this book will have some insights for you as well (but perhaps not $40 worth). It's a really good introductory book - and it's long overdue!

My thanx to Packt for the review copy.

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2 responses

  • 1 Jason // Mar 12, 2013 at 7:20 PM

    Thank you so much for the review! I have been leaning toward purchasing this book, and your review has helped me make the decision.

    Interestingly, I have been exposed to DAOs, beans, and gateways (oh my!), so I am interested in exploring these topics further - do you have any recommendations for these topics, hopefully within a Coldfusion context...

  • 2 Sean Corfield // Mar 14, 2013 at 4:26 PM

    I don't have any CFML-specific recommendations but there's plenty of general design pattern reading online (although watch out for design patterns that are Java-specific, which exist to work around limitations of JEE and are not applicable to CFML).