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OpenCF Summit 2012 - Why You Should Attend

January 29, 2012 ·

Last year I attended the first OpenCF Summit and I thought it was a great event for a number of reasons. It's back again this year, Feburary 24-26, in the same great location and it's just $72 for three days of collaborative education. What makes this conference so unique in the CFML world is that bridges beyond our community to worlds that would never normally see our favorite language. Last year, Chris Schalk came from Google to talk about their (free) platform services and to showcase CFML running on Google App Engine; Ean Schuessler came to talk about "Government 2.0" and open source software. The conference attracts people who are interested in open source but may not know that CFML has a burgeoning open source community and two thriving open source CFML engines.

Ean Schuessler is back again this year, digging deeper into "Government 2.0" and mining that data thru RESTful APIs. The cloud is represented this year by Judah Johns of Jelastic. The reach of the conference expands to cover online payment processing with Dan Martin from MasterCard International, how investors view technology and open source with Jim Milbery of Chicago Growth Partners, how the City of Austin leveraged open source for a rebuild of its website with Matthew Esquibel from the City of Austin's IT group. These are key topics that speak to the viability of CFML in an evolving world where open source is gaining ground in almost every territory. These are topics you won't find at any other CFML conference! Even amongst the sessions given by members of the CFML community, OpenCF Summit offers unique content such as showing how you can use WebSockets with CFML today, how to manage deployments across hundreds of servers - real large-scale CFML, how CFML fits into an open source market.

In addition to the sessions, there's training, unconferences and the application hackfest returns, which was a lot of fun last year, allowing people to collaborate in a team-based environment, using bug-tracking, version control, frameworks and cloud deployment - a unique experience for many participants - producing a valuable web application for a non-profit organization: very much the spirit of great open source software!

If you attended last year, you know how much fun it was and what a great atomosphere the event created - and based on the folks I spoke to, a lot was learned about CFML in an open source world. If you missed last year's event, this is your opportunity to experience something different and very worthwhile, to learn and to contribute, to get a sense of the larger picture in which CFML exists today. What are you waiting for? Register for OpenCF Summit 2012 today!

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