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FW/1 1.2 and Open BlueDragon

February 14, 2012 ·

A problem was with reported running FW/1 1.2 on OpenBD 2.0.2. It turned out to be a bug in how OpenBD resolves Java method calls and it only manifests in two of the example Application.cfc files (not in the framework itself). You can now download which contains the updated examples. Note that the User Manager example has never run on OpenBD (and, obviously, the Flex test in the remoting example won't run either).

Further, the problem with onError() still seems to be present in OpenBD 2.0.2 so if your FW/1 application hits an exception and triggers onError(), it'll fail with a message about "Variable EXCEPTION does not exist". Just rename framework.cfc's onError() method to disable it's exception handling (you'll see there's a comment above that method explaining this long-standing problem).

Tags: coldfusion · fw1 · openbd

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