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D2WC - Something Different

May 7, 2011 ·

Next week is cf.Objective() 2011 and it's pretty typical of conferences that I've spoken at over the years: heavily focused on developers (and heavily focused on CFML). In July, however, I'm doing something very different and I'm really looking forward to it: D2WC - Designer Developer Workflow Conference!

Accordingly, instead of a technical presentation - often on an advanced subject - I'm going to attempt a truly introductory talk that focuses on how to move from design to a fully functional dynamic web site. I'll be drawing on presentations from AJ Mercer - at last year's cf.Objective(ANZ) - and Daria Norris - at next week's cf.Objective(). I want to thank them for their support of FW/1 and I want to thank Dee Sadler for giving me the opportunity to do something different by letting me speak in Kansas City in mid-July!

Tags: coldfusion · d2wc · fw1 · oss

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  • 1 Raymond Camden // May 8, 2011 at 5:58 AM

    Please let us know your thoughts after the conference. Um - trying again. My comment (when it was just the first sentence) was flagged as spam.