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An Architect's View 0.3.2 released

December 30, 2013 ·

This release contains minor bug fixes compared to 0.3.0, with the main focus being an overhaul of docstrings etc to improve the auto-gen'd documentation.

The community documentation for java.jdbc on clojure-doc has also had a major overhaul.

Details of this release:

  • Add nil protocol implementation to ISQLParameter.
  • Improve docstrings and add :arglists for better auto-generated documentation.
  • Make insert-sql private - technically a breaking change but it should never have been public: sorry folks!
  • Provide better protocol for setting parameters in prepared statements JDBC-86.
  • Fix parens in two deprecated tests JDBC-85.
  • Made create-table-ddl less aggressive about applying as-sql-name so only first name in a column spec is affected.

Please note that the 0.3.1 release is broken and should not be used.

Tags: clojure

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