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An Architect's View 0.3.0 beta2

November 24, 2013 ·

Based on feedback from the community, I have released 0.3.0-beta2 to Maven Central.

This includes two very important changes:

  • The and namespaces have been removed.
  • The API functions that were already marked as deprecated have moved to the namespace

This means that if you depend on the or namespaces, which were introduced in 0.3.0-alpha1, you will need to switch to the java-jdbc/dsl project (release 0.1.0 is on Clojars). The new namespaces in that project are java-jdbc.sql and java-jdbc.ddl. If you depend on these namespaces, I strongly recommend you migrate to a more sophisticated DSL, such as:

  • HoneySQL -
  • SQLingvo -
  • Korma -

More importantly, if you depend on the older (0.2.3) API in, you'll need to switch to the namespace in your code, until you can migrate to new API in instead.

These steps are more radical than I would have liked but they simplify the library and streamline the API - and the auto-generated documentation - which should reduce all the confusion expressed about the library right now. This will allow the library to move forward in a more focused manner, with an API that no longer depends on dynamic variables.

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