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An Architect's View 0.3.0 beta 1

November 4, 2013 ·

The library has finally hit "feature complete" for the upcoming 0.3.0 release and so the first beta release has been made available. For full details, see the README on Github but here's a quick list of changes in this release:

  • query as-arrays? true now allows you to leverage lazy result fetching - JDBC-72
  • "h2" is now recognized as a protocol shorthand for org.h2.Driver
  • Tests no longer use :1 literal - JDBC-71 - (this was due to a change made in Clojure 1.6 that has since been reverted, but may be revisited in future)
  • Conditional use of javax.naming.InitialContext so the library can be compiled on Android - JDBC-69
  • New db-query-with-resultset function replaces private db-with-query-results* and processes a raw ResultSet object - JDBC-63
  • Allow :set-parameters in db-spec to override set-parameters internal function to allow per-DB special handling of SQL parameters values (such as null for Teradata) - JDBC-40

JDBC-65 (a bug affecting SQLite) will be fixed before the 0.3.0 final release. JDBC-70 (an enhancement to DDL) may also be included.

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