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An Architect's View 0.0.1

May 8, 2011 ·

The library formerly known as clojure.contrib.sql has had its first non-snapshot release.

Features added (above and beyond clojure.contrib.sql):

  • returns generated keys for single record inserts
  • supports naming strategies to allow you to override the conversion of keywords to/from SQL entity names
  • exposes resultset-seq that respects naming strategies
  • exposes print-* functions to print SQL exceptions (and no longer prints to *err* on an exception)

You can read more about naming strategies in the documentation.

If you start using this library with Clojure 1.3.0 and find bugs or think of enhancements, please enter them in the JIRA bug tracker.

To use 0.0.1 from Maven or Leiningen, see the home page on github.

Tags: clojure · oss

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