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Clojure at cf.Objective()?

May 12, 2012 ·

I'll be at cf.Objective() this coming week, manning the Railo booth - we're Gold sponsors again! - and, for once, not speaking! However, if you want to learn more about Clojure, especially how we're using it at World Singles integrated into CFML, feel free to track me down and ask me about it. I'll be easy to find: I'll be at the Railo booth nearly all the time (during the day - I'm only planning to attend a handful of sessions; I expect other Railo team members will be attending many of the sessions - Christian Ready, Gert Franz and Mark Drew are all giving talks).

These are the only sessions I'm planning to attend, so you'll know where I am when I'm not at the Railo booth:

  • The TDD List - Bill Shelton (Thursday, 10:15am)
  • Concurrency Zen - Marc Esher (Thursday, 1:45pm)
  • Railo 4Ever - Gert Franz / Mark Drew (Thursday, 4:15pm) - come and hear about all the cool new stuff in Railo 4.0!
  • Getting closure on Closures - Mark Mandel (Friday, 9:00am) - probably
  • CFML Mythbusters - Mark Drew (Friday, 1:45am) - probably
  • A/B Testing with Squabble - Mark Mandel (Saturday, 10:15am)

I'll also probably go to the Birds of a Feather sessions: either CFML Frameworks or Agile (Friday, 7:00pm) and either CFML Code Editors or Ideas for the Future of CFML (Friday, 8:00pm).

Given the sessions I'm planning to attend, it won't surprise you that I'll also be more than happy to talk about those topics in a Clojure context too - clojure.test, the Expectations framework and the autoexpect continuous testing tool, generative testing; concurrency the easy way (in a side-effect free functional language); closures and what a functional language brings to the table!

See y'all in Minneapolis!

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