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CFUnited 2010 - what's on your schedule?

May 14, 2010 ·

Now cf.Objective() is over (yes, I will blog about it soon!) and I find myself not going to Scotch on the Rocks or NCDevCon, my conference plans turn to CFUnited 2010. This blog post captures my current thoughts about the sessions listed so far (there are still quite a few TBAs which I assume are sponsor topics).

Adobe keynote - I expect we'll get to see some of what's coming in ColdFusion 9.0.1 (which I think Adam previewed recently at Flash and the City) and maybe some hints about Storm (ColdFusion Builder 2). As a big fan of CFBuilder, I'm very interested to see what's coming there!

Christian Ready - HTML5: The cool, the really cool, and the "huh?" - I recently attended several HTML5 presentations from folks at Google and Microsoft and I was very impressed with what's coming (and what's already in several browsers). As the first major update to HTML in over a decade, this should be considered mandatory learning for all web developers! No pressure, Christian :)

After lunch there's a choice of excellent topics from Luis Majano (ColdBox 3.0.0), Charlie Arehart (Hidden Gems in ColdFusion Builder), Todd Sharp (Real Life RIA Powered By The Adobe Stack) and Jason Dean (Understanding Security in Adobe AIR Applications). I saw Charlie's talk at cf.Objective() and it was great and I heard good things about Jason's talk too (and Luis's of course) but for me Todd's is the winner here, as I'd love to learn more about SlideSix.

Next up, no contest, it has to be Elliott Sprehn's "I bet you didn't know you could do that with ColdFusion". His talks are always fascinating and cover a lot of neat stuff and I like to "learn something new every day"...

In the next slot I'm torn between Daryl Banttari's "How to Read a Stack Trace" and Scott Stroz's "Make Your Model Promiscuous" although I'm also curious about Jeff Tapper's "Flex 4 for Flex 3 Developers" (I saw a preso on that topic recently from someone else and wasn't impressed but I expect I'd enjoy Jeff's talk more). Tough choices here.

After the break, there's two TBAs competing with Bob Silverberg (CF9 ORM), Brian Kotek (Swiz) and Jeff Coughlin (jQuery) so I'll have to wait until those TBAs are announced...

After the special event, there's a BOF on Mango Blog so I'll probably go to that since I'm now running it on my site.

Thursday kicks off with my talk on the open source landscape although I'd love to go to all three of the talks I'm up against: Dan Wilson's updated "Making Bad Code Good", Sandra Clark's "Accessible JavaScript" and Brian Rinaldi's "Building Self-Updating ColdFusion Builder Extensions". Hopefully some of those will get repeated on Saturday so I can catch them later.

Then Charlie Arehart takes the stage for the day two keynote which should be full of inspiration!

After lunch, Mike Henke presents ColdFusion on Wheels which I caught at cf.Objective() and enjoyed a lot. Aaron West covers CF9 caching features but I think I'll go to Elad Elrom's talk on Flex Data Binding Pitfalls as I need to continue to work on my Flex skills.

More tough choices after that but I'll go with John Paul Ashenfelter's "ColdFusion with noSQL" because I missed that at cf.Objective() and I'm very interested in alternative database technologies like MongoDB, CouchDB and Hadoop. In the same time slot, there's Pete Freitag (Writing Secure CFML), Dan Vega (Validation in ColdFusion), Kurt Wiersma (Real World ColdSpring) and Gary Gilbert (Architecting for the Enterprise). Stiff competition so I hope there's some repeats out of those!

I'll follow that with Joe Rinehart's "Design Patterns for ColdFusion + Flex RIA" because I love Joe's approach to that topic and always pick up some good new tips and tricks. That said, the competition includes Simon Free on ColdFusion Builder Extensions and Ezra Parker on What's New in Model-Glue...

After the break, Gert talks about the exciting new features coming in Railo 4.0 against stiff competition from Dee Sadler (CSS and CMS/blog systems), Chris Peters (ORM in cfWheels), Dan Wilson (Practical Optimization) and Pete Freitag (Locking Down ColdFusion).

In the evening, there's a BOF on ColdFusion on Wheels which, since that's the only major CFML framework I'm not very familiar with, I'll probably attend.

Friday starts with more hard choices but I'll probably go to Brian Kotek's "Clean Code" presentation because I usually pick up something new from him. Mind you, Sam Farmer's ORM talk and Elad Elrom's Flex Security talk also look interesting.

Next up I have a really hard choice: Shannon Hicks "Getting the most development out of your Mac", Elliott Sprehn "Designing Scalable and Creative Algorithms" and Joe Rinehart "Testing and Debugging CF for Flex UIs". Apologies to Ezra Parker and Selene Bainum who are also on in that slot!

After lunch I talk about FW/1 and will cover version 1.1 which will have been out in the wild for a month or two by then and I'll give some insight into the upcoming 1.2 and 2.0 releases! As with my open source landscape talk, I'd also like to go see some of my competition in this slot!

After that I'll probably go to Bob Silverberg's "Automagic Validations for ColdFusion Objects" since it was so highly praised at cf.Objective() (I missed it) although there are two TBAs in that slot as well.

Wow! That's a lot of good content and quite a few hard choices. And there are still a number of TBA topics to make it harder and more BOFs to be added. And then there's Saturday as well.

See you at CFUnited 2010?

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5 responses

  • 1 Bob Silverberg // May 14, 2010 at 6:59 PM

    That sure is a lot of choice. I haven't really looked at the schedule that closely yet. I didn't even realize that I was up against two TBA's for each of my talks. I thought there were only two other presos competing with mine, and that TBA stood for "That Bob's Awesome", and was just a suggestion to folks about which session to attend. ;-)
  • 2 Lola LB // May 15, 2010 at 4:43 AM

    This all sounds good! I'm envious . . .
  • 3 Sam Farmer // May 15, 2010 at 4:43 AM

    Thats a mouth watering preview. Really looking forward to CFUnited now :)
  • 4 Tara // May 15, 2010 at 9:26 AM

    Haha I can't help but laugh at all of your choices you are going to have to make. I feel like I should be your clone and attend all the sessions that you can't and somehow transfer the info to your brain.

    Where's the technology for that?

    And Bob - of course TBA stands for "That Bob's Awesome" :)
  • 5 Jose Galdamez // May 16, 2010 at 8:31 AM

    Wow. Every session definitely has serious value add to the entire community. I'm glad there's a full session on HTML5 as a lot of the books I've found on Amazon are still in "pre-order" status. I don't know how you all pulled it off, but this year's CFUN will even better than the last.