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cfmljure updated again

September 18, 2010 ·

I've updated cfmljure to version 0.3 and made a small API change to clean things up and better support access to Clojure variables from CFML - see the last section of the README on the github site.

The API change will break code that tries to use the old public data member .defn. Sorry (but that was an ugly way to implement it, wasn't it?).

In the next week or so, I plan to work up an example application that uses FW/1 and cfmljure together to implement the Model entirely in Clojure and the View-Controller portion in CFML - probably a little contact list manager that uses a database (so the SQL access will be done via Clojure).

Tags: cfmljure · coldfusion · fw1 · oss

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