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September 21, 2010 ·

I mentioned it in passing in one of my early posts about using Clojure from CFML but, since only one person signed up, thought it was worth mentioning again: there is a mailing list for cfmljure where you can ask questions about the project and Clojure itself or, if you're new to CFML and coming from the Clojure world, you can ask questions about CFML!

I'm planning to add a couple of more involved examples to the project repo, one of which will use FW/1 and have the entire Model built in Clojure with the View-Controller portion written in CFML / cfscript - and I'm also planning to create a simple ready-to-run Jetty-based package so folks can simply download cfmljure and try it out without needing to worry about installing anything.

You can always get the latest version of cfmljure from RIAForge!

Tags: cfmljure · clojure · coldfusion · oss

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