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cfmljure and Leiningen

September 4, 2010 ·

Leiningen is a build tool for Clojure that handles all of your project / library dependencies and makes it easy to work in a more test-driven development style. Once you've installed Leiningen, you can start a new project, on the command line, by typing lein new myproject and it will automatically create a project folder structure with a source tree (src/) and a test tree (test/). Leiningen will download and manage all of your library dependencies transparently, just by typing lein deps. Then you can develop you tests and your code and just type lein test to run all your tests to ensure your code is working. When you're ready, you can package up your project as a JAR file, with or without the Clojure runtime, with lein jar or lein uberjar. Leiningen does a lot more, but that's the basic outline.

Because Leiningen assumes a particular directory structure, I have updated cfmljure to work more easily with Leiningen projects and I have updated the examples that come with cfmljure to be a Leiningen project, complete with unit tests so you can see how things work. I've also updated the installation instructions in the cfmljure README on github to show you how to set things up via Leiningen.

Take cfmljure for a spin and let me know if the new installation process, with Leiningen, works for you!

Learn more about Leiningen on github.

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