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An Architect's View - a shout out!

August 21, 2013 ·

Just a quick post to point people to which is an awesome free service provided by Russ Michaels ( / Blue Thunder Hosting) that allows you to quickly try out snippets of CFML code in a browser, and even run them in ColdFusion and Railo side-by-side!

In the past you would always have to have some "scratch" file lying around in one of your local websites to test out snippets and then you'd have to copy it to another location to test on another CFML engine - if you even had the other one installed! Russ's site allows you to simply type the code into a form, check some boxes for debug output and which engine(s) to run it on, and submit - done!

This also has the great benefit of allowing new folks to try out CFML without needing to install anything - an approach which has been used very successfully by a number of other languages to let you play with code without commitment!

Kudos to Russ for building this on his own time and offering it to everyone for free!

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