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cf.Objective() - Summary

March 16, 2006 ·

Now that I've had a chance to come down from the excitement of the conference, I feel I can offer a reasonable high-level summary of the sessions I attended. I'll be writing more detailed coverage of many of the sessions for future publication in Fusion Authority.
  • Day One Keynote - Tom Jordahl. Tom gave a great demo of some new wizards that will be available in the next public beta, which help automate ActionScript / ColdFusion interoperability. He went a bit deeper into the new Flex Data Services, explaining the publish and subscribe model as well as the new persistence model (aka "assembler"). It all points to making ColdFusion the best choice for the backend of your next Rich Internet Application.
  • SQL Abstraction - Isaac Dealey. His basic premise was that SQL is often database-specific but by providing an abstraction you can write more portable code. It reminded me quite a bit of what Reactor is able to do with its OO "query" object.
  • Managing ColdFusion Components with Factories - me. I'll leave it to others to write about my talk. All I'll say is that this was the first time I'd ever given this talk and I was pleased that it ran to time!
  • AOP with ColdSpring - Chris Scott. Aspect-Oriented Programming can be really hard to get your head around (since it effectively rewrites how your code behaves) but Chris did a great job of explaining what it is and why you'd use it, covering the terminology (which will be new to most everyone) and then running through some great demos.
  • Duck Typing - Hal Helms. The heresy of our time: treating ColdFusion like Java leads to trouble. Hal explained why he thinks we should embrace ColdFusion's dynamic type system and leverage the power of that instead of trying to make ColdFusion look like Java.
  • Mach II and ColdSpring - Kurt Wiersma. Gave an overview of the architecture of both frameworks and a "before and after" view of a Mach II application, showing how ColdSpring could simplify creation and management of CFCs in medium to large systems.
  • Day Two Keynote - Hal Helms. Hal addressed the positioning of ColdFusion in the enterprise development space, saying how it allows us to be agile and responsive to change. We should not try to fight Java (or .NET) head-on but should accept that those technologies are sometimes the right choice, instead focusing on the innovation that ColdFusion allows us to bring to table.
  • Objects & Persistence - me. Again, I'll leave it to others to comment on this talk. In order to keep it down to an hour I focused on Reactor for the code demos - the more flexible schedule of CFUGs allows me to cover Arf!, objectBreeze and Transfer as well.
  • Rule Managers - Isaac Dealey. He showed a generic rule manager concept that can be overlaid on top of existing systems to provide, for example, more flexible access control. Nice concept (although the code examples were tied to Isaac's onTap framework).
  • Frameworks Roundtable - various. Since I was on the panel for this, representing both Reactor and Model-Glue (their authors didn't make the con), I'll leave it up to others to comment. I thought it was a good session tho', with a lot of useful insight into both the philosophies of the frameworks themselves as well the strengths and weaknesses of each (perceived as well as actual).
  • Model Management with ColdSpring - Chris Scott. Another good session from Chris that clearly explained the concepts and capabilities of the core of the ColdSpring framework.
The schedule allowed for birds of a feather sessions in the evening but instead of specific sessions, the bar was full of intense chatter about object-oriented programming techniques and how to push the frameworks further and further. It was a brain-filling couple of days with most people saying they learned something new from the conference and many people expressing excitement at the thought of cf.Objective() 2007. See you at cf.Objective() next year?

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  • 1 Brian Rinaldi // Mar 16, 2006 at 5:47 PM

    Sean, It was a great conference, and it was great to finally meet you there. Overall, the speakers really were top notch (yourself included of course). Oh, and I am putting a little more detail about some of these presentations on my site (