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cf.Objective() 2010 - Update

October 28, 2009 ·

The Content Advisory Board (twelve of last year's speakers) have just finished their initial selection of topics and potential speakers for the four tracks at cf.Objective() 2010. Best Meetings, the cf.Objective() conference planner, will be sending out invites shortly, asking a variety of speakers to submit on topics that we've picked. Since this all happens behind the scenes, I thought it would be worth a blog post to explain the process. The CAB start by approving the tracks (we'll have four in 2010, very similar to the 2009 tracks) and then pick about a dozen topics they think 'fit' in each track. Some of these topics are popular staples, some are deliberately bleeding edge and / or very advanced, in keeping with the conference's reputation. Next, the CAB pick up to three speakers for each topic so that we get a chance to see multiple submissions on each topic and can pick what we think sounds like the best content for the attendees. Some speakers get multiple topic invites, some get only one. An invite is not a guarantee that you'll be picked but it gives you 'first shot' at slots on the schedule (indeed, about half the submissions are rejected precisely because we invite multiple speakers to submit on each topic!). Our goal is to fill about 80% of the schedule this way. Once we have the initial responses in, we'll open a public Call For Papers for general submissions to fill most of the remaining 20% (the platinum sponsor gets four slots plus a keynote). I think the CAB have done a great job this year and we have some great topics lined up. As soon as we can confirm speaker submissions, I'll post a list. In the meantime, here's the CAB volunteers:
  • Architecture & Design in Software
    • Brian Kotek
    • Brian Meloche
    • Matt Woodward
  • RIA: Flex / Ajax / AIR
    • Laura Arguello
    • John Mason
    • Dan Wilson
  • Process & Methodology (including Frameworks)
    • Mark Drew
    • Adam Haskell
    • Kurt Wiersma
  • Tools & Integration
    • Jeff Coughlin
    • Peter Farrell
    • Bill Shelton
Thank you!

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