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cf.Objective() - passing the torch

November 17, 2010 ·

I've been closely involved with cf.Objective() since it started back in 2006. Yes, it's been going for five years now! When Jared started complaining to me, in 2005, about the lack of ColdFusion conferences in the middle of the country, I said "Don't complain, do something about it!". That exchange led to a small (100 people) event in an interesting hotel near the Mall of America that covered a lot of 'enterprise' level ColdFusion topics. I wrote enthusiastically about cf.Objective() 2006 and plans for cf.Objective() 2007 were in progress almost immediately.

Over the last five years, I've helped put together the agenda for the conference - usually with help (especially Nic Tunney for several years!) but occasionally on my own. It's a lot of work! Last year - 2010 - we tried something different: a content advisory board. It had some pros and some cons and we learned a lot about the dynamics of committees. The consensus was that the CAB was too large and that centralized control was still the most effective way to drive the process forward. After five years of volunteering for cf.Objective(), working on the content of the conference, I need a break. The question was: who should take over the role of leading content organization?

Although not a member of the 2010 CAB, one of our speakers was particularly helpful and proactive, organizing the Pecha Kucha and running surveys etc to help shape the Birds of a Feather sessions. Based on his contributions to cf.Objective() 2010, I proposed that he head up conference content for 2011. The conference committee agreed and so I am very pleased to announce that I am passing the torch to Bob Silverberg. Bob and I have talked about the processes used over the last few years, the pros and the cons and he has some great ideas for pushing the conference to new heights. I'm looking forward to cf.Objective() 2011! I'm especially looking forward to having a lot more personal time over the next six months!

Bob has posted information about plans for cf.Objective() 2011. will be posting information about his plans for cf.Objective() 2011 shortly - and I'll update this blog post with a link to his blog post on that topic! In the meantime, please join me in thanking Bob for taking on this heroic task - I hope you will all support him in his efforts!

You can also suggest / view topic suggestions for cf.Objective() 2011!

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