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cf.Objective() 2012 - Why You Should Attend

March 22, 2012 ·

I've attended every cf.Objective() since the first one in 2006. That first cf.Objective() was awesome! Every one since has also been awesome. Since the demise of CFUnited, cf.Objective() is the biggest CFML event on the calendar. It offers the best CFML content in the world - and these days it offers a lot more than CFML - and it offers a unique combination of well-known speakers and new voices, something the conference has always prided itself on.

So why should you attend this particular year? Every year, our world of web development moves forward at what sometimes may seem like an ever-increasing pace. This is reflected in the sessions every year at cf.Objective(). This year sees an increased focus on JavaScript with topics covering Node.js, Angular, jQuery Mobile, Bootstrap, performance and testing. Even in the CFML topics, we're seeing an increased focus on automation, performance and testing as our community grows. cf.Objective() has always tried to offer material for intermediate and advanced developers and this year we have sessions on concurrency, collaborative code review, A/B testing, advanced scalability and caching techniques. Another big plus this year is the return of Adobe as platinum sponsor with several sessions talking about "Zeus" - ColdFusion 10 - which is currently in public beta.

cf.Objective() is all about helping you "up your game", to become a better developer. That's why you should attend - to become a better developer, to learn about new techniques and new technology.

This year we have ColdFusion 10 and Railo 4 and a lot of CFML developers working across multiple technologies. cf.Objective() will cover all of that so, if you aren't already registered, head over to the cf.Objective() website and get yourself signed up - it'll do you, and your career, a power of good!

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