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cf.Objective() 2011 - two new presentations

January 21, 2011 ·

cf.Objective() has just posted the draft schedule for 2011 and, as always, it's packed full of great sessions. I'm very pleased to announce that I am speaking again this year and I'll be bringing two brand new presentations to the conference:

  • Multi-Tenant, Multi-Lingual Web Platforms - Software as a Service
  • What is Functional Programming? (and why should I care?)

The former will draw on work I did at Broadchoice, building their SaaS-based CMS platform, and more recently at World Singles, building their new internet dating platform. It will cover some of the challenges such systems provide (and various ways to tackle them). Sacramento CFUG will get an early sneak peek of this talk in a few weeks.

The latter will cover a style of programming that's been around for decades and has seen a massive resurgence lately as concurrency, parallelism and efficient use of multi-core / multi-CPU machines have become increasingly more important. While the talk will show examples from Clojure and Scala, I will also show how some of functional programming's powerful idioms can be used in CFML!

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