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Call for Speakers - cf.Objective() and OpenCF Summit

December 18, 2010 ·

Both cf.Objective() and OpenCF Summit have their call for speakers/proposals open at the moment. Bob Silverberg talks about the cf.Objective() CfP on his blog and you can read about the OpenCF Summit CfP on their blog.

The important thing to note in both cases is that there are calls open: suggestions and proposals. The suggestions page is where you make suggestions about topics you'd like to see at the conference. The proposals page is where you submit yourself as a speaker and describe your proposed topic. Even if you've submitted a suggestion for a topic you'd like to present, you still need to submit a proposal in order to be considered as a speaker!

You need to connect with either your Twitter or Facebook account in order to submit suggestions or proposals - welcome to the social media era! - and proposals are open until early January for both conferences. The OpenCF Summit blog has lots of background information on the "engage" application in use by both conferences, as well as doing a great job of explaining what the OpenCF Summit is all about (hey, you already know what cf.Objective() is all about, right?).

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