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Another option for FW/1

February 11, 2012 ·

I was chatting with @iorayne a.k.a. Raynes (IRC) a.k.a. Anthony Grimes today in #leiningen about changes required for plugins in the upcoming Leiningen 2.0 release. I was interested in updating my lein-fw1 plugin so it would work with both Leiningen 1.x and Leiningen 2.0. Raynes pointed out that lein-fw1 was really just a template - it generates new skeleton FW/1 projects - and that Leiningen 2.0 was incorporating his lein-newnew plugin as the default 'new' task. He suggested I rewrite lein-fw1 as a template that would work with Leiningen 2.0 and, if you install the lein-newnew plugin for Leiningen 1.x, it will work with that too. The result is fw1-template. The usage instructions are on that Github page but it installs just like a regular Leiningen plugin (lein plugin install...) and if you already have lein-newnew installed, you're good to go. Since lein-newnew is part of the migration path for moving from Leiningen 1.x to 2.0, I'm declaring lein-fw1 deprecated and recommending folks use fw1-template instead (and, yes, use lein-newnew!).

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