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Adobe ColdFusion Anthology features FW/1

May 4, 2010 ·

Apress just released the Adobe ColdFusion Anthology - a 528 page collection of the best of Fusion Authority, edited and updated for the long-lived book format. I was one of the three technical reviewers (along with Mark Mandel and Brian Kotek) as well as a contributing author, so I'm personally very pleased to see this book out in the wild.

I have 3 chapters in the book:

  • "Say What?" Handling Unknown Messages with onMissingMethod()
  • Beans and DAOs and Gateways, Oh My!
  • FW/1: The Invisible Framework

The latter was written recently for inclusion in the book. The other two are probably my favorites among the articles I've written for Fusion Authority over the years.

I'm biased of course, but I highly recommend this book - I hope you buy a copy and find it useful!

Tags: coldfusion · faqu · fw1

3 responses

  • 1 Lola LB // May 4, 2010 at 1:28 PM

    I definitely will and do my part to show that there is a market for hard copy CF books!
  • 2 Matthew // May 5, 2010 at 10:46 PM

    Hi Sean, just had a look at the Amazon page. You guys may want to review the description. I read it as if it is mainly about "Cloud" and "Web services". I was about to move on and thought I'd check the contents (because you mentioned OOP specific topics) and sure enough the book covers a hell of a lot more. The "What you'll learn" section doesn't mention all the great topics such as "Choosing a framework", "OOP", "PDF/Image manipulation", "Advanced application design concepts", "Tuning your server", "Software development" etc.

    This is just my 2c on how I saw the main write up. If you're using this main writeup in other places people will get the wrong message.

    Good luch with the book sales! Looks to be a good book!

  • 3 Sean Corfield // May 5, 2010 at 10:53 PM

    @Matthew, yeah, I see what you mean. Amazon's "Editorial Review" does sound a bit odd. I'll forward your comment to both Judith and Michael and the Apress folks.