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Tiger's iCal and WebDAV

May 31, 2005 ·

After upgrading to Tiger and the new iCal, I noticed that the calendar files are no longer in the same place. In fact, I haven't actually found where the new iCal stores the calendars. That was kind of a pain because I used to push my .ics files up to my ISP so that my wife could subscribe to my calendars (a cron job runs on her iMac to push her calendar to my ISP and a cron job runs on my PB to push my calendars to my ISP). I figured I could publish my calendars to get at the .ics files. iCal publishing supports .Mac and WebDAV. My ISP does not offer WebDAV. Hmm. Guess I could enable WebDAV on my local Apache and publish to that, then use my old cron job to push the files from the webroot up to my ISP... I found these articles about WebDAV on O'Reilly and that helped me figure out most of it. I added a .htaccess file to Limit the WebDAV operations but couldn't write to the new WebDAV setup. Finder could connect, even prompting for the right credentials, but the folder was mounted readonly. Eventually I realized that the DAVLockDB directory path I'd specified didn't fully exist. A quick mkdir and a chmod and everything started working! Now iCal happily publishes to my local Apache setup, my cron job pushes the files to my ISP and my wife can, once again, see what I'm doing. It's the first time I've used WebDAV. It's pretty neat!

Tags: apache · osx

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