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Speaking at CFinNC

August 19, 2009 ·

I just received confirmation that two of my submissions have been accepted for CFinNC, the ColdFusion, Flex, AIR conference in North Carolina in October. I think this will be a great event for the "East Coast Silicon Valley" and I'm really looking forward to speaking there. Here are the two sessions I'll be giving:
Design Patterns in ColdFusion Come find out what design patterns are really about and how they can make your life easier. (You're probably already using some design patterns, although you may not know it.) For this session, we have distilled decades of software engineering experience into a well-documented set of blueprints that can be applied to common problems to ensure clean, maintainable code.
This will be an updated version of the presentation originally created for the "Inspire" track at MAX 2007.
ColdFusion and the Open Source landscape Once upon a time, if you wanted to develop applications in ColdFusion, you had to pay for any third party tools you needed - and you rarely got the source code. Things have changed! These days there are free and open source options right across the board to help you get your job done faster, cheaper and with more confidence. Find out how the burgeoning open source community can help you - and, perhaps, how you can help the open source community in return!
This is a brand new talk that looks at the huge surge in Open Source projects and tools surrounding our community, including 4CFF, RIAForge and other resources.

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