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Post-Leopard Glitch #3

April 9, 2008 ·

Just discovered that my iPhone had stopped syncing calendars. It turns out that Tiger and Leopard store their calendars in different places and if you do a simple "upgrade" to Leopard (as I did), then iTunes gets confused and uses your old Tiger calendars, even after the upgrade. The workaround is horribly painful and it took me a while to find it on various discussion forums. In essence, backup iCal, export each calendar, delete all your subscriptions (after recording the URLs!), delete ~/Library/Application Support/ical and ~/Library/Calendars (and maybe any iCal-related preferences), reset your sync history (in iSync), import the calendars back into iCal and re-subscribe to everything. Ta-da! Mind you, while doing this, my mail accounts disappeared from iTunes for syncing. The fix for that is to modify a mail account configuration in Mail. That forces the mail accounts back into the iTunes sync list.

Tags: iphone · osx

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