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Need help with CFEclipse? Read these blogs

July 10, 2007 ·

Charlie Arehart has painstakingly pulled together two great blog entries that list all blogs that have a CFEclipse category and blogs that mention CFEclipse (but have no specific category). These two blog entries should be a great resource for anyone trying to learn about CFEclipse or keep up with new developments on the project.

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5 responses

  • 1 Sebastiaan // Jul 11, 2007 at 12:21 AM

    Hi Sean, there's something amiss with the first link (a %22 too much at the end). I myself still swear by Homesite 5.5+ because I think Eclipse is so heavyduty that it doesn't suit my purposes. Furthermore I rebuild a lot of websites so I use the extended replace a lot. And that is just not possible in CFEclipse - only thru regular expressions...
    So for now I'm sticking to Homesite but I might take the plunge into CFEclipse. On my laptop I'll probably have to, as I now have Linux (Ubuntu) installed and run a complete Open Source Software show on it. So no Homesite for me there...
  • 2 charlie arehart // Jul 11, 2007 at 6:06 AM

    Thanks, Sean. It was a labor of love. :-)
  • 3 Sean Corfield // Jul 11, 2007 at 7:27 AM

    @Sebastiaan, I fixed the link (it was a missing " after href). The find and replace in Eclipse is *extremely* powerful - I think you'll find it is capable of far more than what HomeSite offers but, yes, you would need to use regex to unlock some of that power (I've been using regex in editors far longer than I've been using ColdFusion).

    I'll be interested to hear how you get on with Ubuntu (and Eclipse) when you're using your laptop more. I certainly love my Unix laptop (Mac OS X).
  • 4 charlie arehart // Jul 11, 2007 at 8:03 AM

    @Sebastiaan, I know where you're coming from. I, too, am a 10-year fan of CF Studio and its "son" HomeSite+, and have in fact continued to be an ardent supporter of the latter the past few years.

    But there's so much goodness in CFE and Eclipse in general. That's one of the main reasons I created the blog entry resource, to help folks learn all that's possible (and to hear both the arguments for and against it).

    In fact, to your concerns, Brian Kotek did an entry just last week on "CFEclipse: Pros, Cons, and Misconceptions":

    It even mentions site-wide search as something people often lament it missing (yet it has). Can't speak for Replace. Sean, are you concurring that it's ONLY based on Regex? I've not used it yet myself.

    Anyway, Sebastiaan, I'm in the same boat as you, just getting started getting into it seriously (though I've been using it often for working with FusionDebug and the new CF8 debugger, both interactive step debuggers based on Eclipse.

    I just think it's time that we ("dinosaurs") face the music. Adobe is clearly behind Eclipse as a platform (witness FlexBuilder, and the new Eclipse-based debugger in CF8). And the community is behind CFE. I think we'll only see things get better and better, and I plan to do my part to help folks like us make the transition. :-)
  • 5 Sean Corfield // Jul 11, 2007 at 8:51 AM

    Re: search/replace - no, you can do that without regex, across single files, selected files, directories and entire projects.

    I just meant that if you want to, say, add a server attribute to all cfmail tags then you probably need to get into regex.