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My CFUnited 2009 Schedule

August 3, 2009 ·

I tweeted my schedule recently but figured I'd also post it here for folks to discover where to find me next week - OMG! It's next week! So, here is my CFUnited schedule (PDF). I'm speaking on Wednesday (5:30pm) and Saturday (4:15pm) and I'm also hosting a BOF on Wednesday evening: The CFML Advisory Committee - Happy First Birthday!The committee was announced at last year's CFUnited and we'll be presenting what progress we've made to date as well as our plans going forward. The BOF is an opportunity for you to come and put the committee on the hot spot about our work so far, our scope, our plans and our thoughts - both individually and collectively - on all things CFML! It's been really hard to pick sessions for this year's CFUnited. As chair of the Frameworks track (and co-chair of the Best Practices track), I've already seen the high quality of presentations this year and there were several slots in the schedule where I couldn't easily make up my mind which talk to see (in fact, one of the conflicts was so unbearable to me that I begged Liz to repeat one of the talks on Saturday so I could see both - and, as it happens, both talks proved popular and both are being repeated!). Highlights for me will be Todd Sharp's tales of getting SlideSix off the ground (Developing and Marketing a 2.0 Startup), Adam Haskell's Red Green Refactor talk on making test-driven development work in an organization, Joe Rinehart's "CF is Dead..." keynote on Thursday, Marc Esher's automation session on Friday and Cameron Childress's Subversion talk on Saturday. No matter what your tastes in CFML development, there will be plenty to satisfy your appetite! See you all next week!

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