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More Flex / ColdFusion Training This Weekend!

October 23, 2009 ·

After the success of CFinNC, I wanted to remind people about BFusion/BFlex which is happening this weekend (Saturday 24th & Sunday 25th) in Bloomington, IN. Saturday is ColdFusion day, Sunday is Flex day. Each day is just $10 and offers a choice of three all-day training courses or three full tracks of sessions (two intermediate and one advanced)! You can still register here for the conference! More information about the content each day:
BFusion is a full day of hands-on ColdFusion training. It features a true beginners track, a beginners track for programmers new to ColdFusion, an intermediate track on framework-based development, and other hands-on sessions for intermediate and advanced developers. BFlex is a full day of hands-on Flash Platform development with Flex, AIR, Catalyst, and Flash Builder. It also features beginner and true beginner tracks, as well as hands-on sessions for intermediate and advanced developers. New this year is a track for designers looking to use Adobe Flash Catalyst for developing Rich Internet Applications.
Check the web site for hotel availability if you're not local!

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