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Me and MAX

November 14, 2008 ·

Since folks keep asking, I figured I'd blog it... No, I will not be at MAX on Sunday - I'm busy doing other stuff. I will be there for the Monday keynote and sessions and the BOFs in the evening. See you then. I will be there on Tuesday during the day but I am not going to the special event - I'm not paying $100 for a guest pass (this has been a running complaint of mine about MAX - and CFUNITED) so I'm going home to my wife in the evening thank you very much. Wednesday will be my busy day: Ray's Unconference Uber Panel, Dee Sadler's Manager-2-Manager UGM meeting, the Broadchoice demo at the Adobe Partner booth (noon to 1:30pm - come see the ArgumentCollection team and take a look at our Workspace application!) and then my Event-Driven Programming in ColdFusion talk. And in the evening it's BACFUG - with Bill Shelton, Marc Esher and Joe Rinehart as speakers!

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