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MAX is huge!

September 30, 2007 ·

After spending the weekend in Toledo, OH at the annual On Safari cat show - effectively the Bengal breed national - my wife & I are now settled in at the Hyatt Regency McCormack Place for MAX. We wandered around the conference center (and admired the onAir bus!) for a while and it is absolutely enormous. Bumped into Ben Forta, Scott Fegette, Bob Regan, Shlomy Gantz, Ed Sullivan, Rob Gonda, Peter Farland (and I know I've forgotten someone - sorry!) then had a fabulous dinner at the Shor grill before a relatively early night (for us - midnight). Very much the calm before the "storm"... Registration opens at 7am, breakfast, then the General Session at 9:30am (and I think there are a lot more people present than will fit in the General Session space - be warned!). My Monday selections are fairly varied (a couple of INSPIRE sessions, if I can get in, ColdFusion / LiveCycle, Flex on Rails) but most of all I'm looking forward to the BOFs in the evening: Meet The Team (ColdFusion), ColdFusion Frameworks (chaired by Matt Woodward) - up aginst ColdFusion in the Enterprise (chaired by Brian Meloche), Design Patterns in ColdFusion Applications (not sure of the chair) - up against Promoting ColdFusion outside the CF Community (a panel chaired by Brian Meloche). Some tough choices there - and if you're into AIR, Flex or Flash the choices are even harder. Oh, and the Meet the Web Team is also in that 9:30-10:30pm slot!

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