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In-Flight Wi-Fi

December 13, 2004 ·

It's nice to see in-flight wi-fi becoming a reality. The rates may seem steep but if it allows you to do a couple of hours of useful work online during a flight, that's a pretty good productivity deal in my opinion. I also read that the FAA is planning to allow in-flight cell-phone usage too at some point. Both of these will help reduce the amount of 'dead time' that business travelers have to face when they're flying - one of the reasons that, today, I try to fly overnight so I can combine flying with sleeping and not miss any valuable work time.

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  • 1 Adam Howitt // Dec 14, 2004 at 9:22 AM

    Wi-fi yes, good idea. Cell phones? If I have to sit next to someone yacking about their scrotal itch using that "I'm on a cell phone and you are far away so I have to shout" approach I think I'll stick to driving.

    Over thanksgiving I got into a discussion about how in my old company the sound of foreign accents conversing seemed to disturb my concentration. One suggestions was that with phone converstations we hear only one side of the talking which is abnormal compared to the natural rhythm of voices we are used to and hence, the cocktail party effect (selectively picking what we hear) is no longer available to us. I think I agree, if we hear only one side we may be thinking sub-consciously that the conversation is directed at us.