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Getting Ready for Scotch

June 2, 2008 ·

I'm here at The George (and a very nice hotel it is!) getting ready for Scotch on the Rocks. Tomorrow I'll be putting the finishing touches on my presentations (more than finishing touches on the "Getting Dynamic" presentation since I'm still changing it every few days!). Jay & I arrived in England on Friday, spent the night at my mum's lovely new house in the south then drove up to the Lake District and stayed at the wonderful Bridge House Hotel in Grasmere. The food was great - a four course meal is included in the room price (I had smoked mackerel salad with pink grapefruit followed by poached hake in a cranberry cream sauce - plus a soup course plus great desserts!), as is breakfast - and, as you can see, it has a nice space to relax outdoors, right next to the bar! Then we headed up to visit my friend Miles in Kilwinning near Ayr. He's an old university friend and we haven't seen him for a few years so much alcohol was consumed during ten hours of reminiscing! He's also a great cook so more good food was had (including a stunning white chocolate brioche pudding for dessert). Today we headed up Loch Lomond, stopping at the Duck Bay Restaurant for a wonderful lunch (Finnan Haddock Duncryne) followed by a nice drive up to Crianlarich and through the Trossachs then down to Stirling and finally into Edinburgh. The George is a very nice hotel. We settled in, I caught up on email and then we had dinner in the Tempus bar. Jay had the filet in bearnaise sauce and I had the pheasant, both of which were extremely good. Not that I'm at all obsessed with (good) food, of course...

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  • 1 Nitai Aventaggiato // Jun 2, 2008 at 10:34 PM

    Very much looking forward to the Hotel, since I will be staying there as well. Will arrive tonight at around 6.30pm. See you soon.