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Friday Fluff for Movie Buffs

May 12, 2006 ·

My friend Mata has created - a puzzle site where you guess movies based on cartoon versions of posters or artwork. And you can submit new puzzles yourself too! Jay & I got through the first 26 cleanly. We couldn't figure out 27. (We could figure out lots of the ones that followed - there are around 90 puzzles already!) Have fun!

Tags: humor

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  • 1 Jeff Houser // May 14, 2006 at 7:05 PM

    There were plenty I couldn't get; but you could go through the hints and with an actor and the year; you should be able to figure out which movie rather quickly.

    Number 27 I knew right away; but I'm not sure if it got a theatrical release.

    If Monty Python were to write movie with George Romero... it'd probably end up like this one.

    Think "Scream" meets "Night of the Living Dead".

    I strongly recommend this movie, even for those who don't like the 'horror / slasher' genre.