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ColdFusion Image Manipulation (updated)

October 25, 2006 ·

Ray Camden just posted his notes from the Scorpio image processing session. Details are sketchy here but hopefully someone else attended the session and will post more detailed notes shortly...
Rob Brooks-Bilson has done just that! Great set of notes Rob!

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2 responses

  • 1 Adam Cameron // Oct 26, 2006 at 7:33 AM

    Hi Sean
    Given you work for Adobe (not sure if you're still the lead CF architect or whatever it is?), how come - if you're wanting to impart knowledge about <cfimage> and its ilk - you refer us to blogs posting vague notes from a presentation at a conference, when you could just post "here's our top level requirements spec for <cfimage>, which is what we're working towards for CF8, so it's at least indicative of what we could end up shipping (usual caveats apply, etcetc)" (or a variation on that)?

    (That's not to say I don't appreciate Ray and Rob posting their notes!)

  • 2 Sean Corfield // Oct 26, 2006 at 8:46 AM

    I am not - and never have been - part of the ColdFusion product team. There was more information in those two blog posts based on what the product team showed at MAX than I had about the image manipulation feature.

    I work in the Hosted Services division and my team *uses* ColdFusion. We're just like all the other ColdFusion users out there (except that we have quicker access to the product team :)